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Special Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Web 2.0

Class Schedule: Tuesday, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, 150 GSPP
Lecture Time: 2 hours weekly - for first 8 weeks of semester
Course Control #: 41060 Industrial Engineering (IND ENG) 190C [1-3 units]

Instructor: Bernt R. Wahl
Email: - put “CET IE” in email subject heading
Class Web Site:
Start Date: Auguest 31, 2011
GSI : Martin Mao (email:

"To inspire the innovation which creates the potential change of the world~"

Course Description:

This course explores how Web-based business models are transforming all aspects of the world’s economy. By comparing current business models to potential online opportunities; comparing online models to traditional ones; and analyzing innovators such as Facebook, Google, MarketWatch, Yahoo, eBay, YouTube and Wikipedia, students will gain a solid understanding of how online businesses work. The course will include guest speakers from industry and will involve active classroom discussion. Students will work in small groups to complete projects that include a business plan and present individually on such topics marketing and technology. Class participation is essential to the course.

This is an Entrepreneurship Engineering class focusing on e-business and e-commerce that is open to all with a desire to make a contribution to the online world. It is open to undergraduate and graduate students. The material covered will follow the growth of e-business to the present; it will also examine how the Web is transforming traditional commerce models. The course will cover the challenges of doing business on the Internet today as well as examine how emerging technologies and business models are being adapted. Topics include the Web’s integration using marketing, finance, sales, technology and business development. The instructor has been involved with several Internet firms ranging from building start-ups to leading the buy-out effort of Infoseek. He is Fulbright Award recipient and over his career has taught over 1,500 engineering and business students about Internet Entrepreneurship. Currently he is CEO of Factle Maps - a company that provides granular location data to search engines and other firms.

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